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Fees for Service





This page explains my fee structure for all patients that I see privately.


The fees stated below are for self insured patients who wish to receive their surgical care as a private patient. For patients whose management plan includes having a procedure and/or operation, the practice will provide a surgical procedure fee estimation.


For patients with private health insurance, the account will be sent directly to the insurance company. Unless there is an excess, the patient will not receive an 'out of pocket' bill from the practice.


Mr Janindra Warusavitarne


Consultation Types


New Consultation - The patient is seen for the first time

Review Consultation - The patient attends for review of an existing problem

Post-Operative Consultation - The first review visit following surgery

New Telephone Consultation - The patient's problem is discussed by telephone

Review Telephone Consultation - An existing problem is reviewed by telephone


















** Please note: The post-operative consultation is £0 only if the appointment is within two (2) weeks of the operation

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Type of Consultation  Duration  Fee 
New Consultation  30 mins  £200
New Complex Consultation  60 mins  £300
Review Consultation  15 mins  £130
Post-Operative Consultation ** 15 mins  £0
New Telephone Consultation  30 mins  £130
Review Telephone Consultation  15 mins  £90
Telephone Results Review  5 mins  £0
International Telephone Consultation  30 mins  £250