Mr Janindra Warusavitarne





Step 1 Forms to be completed


Contact the practice manager for an overseas referral form and medical report form.


Step 2 Submitting forms for appointment with Mr Warusavitarne


Once the overseas referral form and medical report form are completed please submit all documents to our practice.

Step 3
Review of your referral form


Once the practice has received your overseas referral form and medical report form, the information will be reviewed by Mr Warusavitarne and an appointment will be scheduled. 


Step 4 Confirmation of appointment


The practice will confirm in writing your appointment with Mr Warusavitarne. The confirmation letter will also include a surgical procedure estimate. 


Payment information


This practice only bills for the services of Mr Warusavitarne. All consultation fees must be paid on the day of the consultation. A deposit is required for any procedure or operation that will be performed and the remainder of the account must be paid at the first post-operative consultation.




DISCLAIMER: Reviewing posted materials (your medical information) does not constitute a formal medical relationship, real or implied.

International Patients


Mr Janindra Warusavitarne welcomes patients and their families/carers from overseas.


Our practice manager is always available to assist you in planning your treatment under the care of Mr Warusavitarne. Please follow our step by step guide to making an appointment with our practice.

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