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Surgical Services – What I do


My practice encompasses all aspects of colorectal diseases and disorders with a special interest in intestinal failure, inflammatory bowel disease, colorectal cancer and I have been extensively trained in complex laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery.


The following information is a list of common procedures that I perform, common complaints, diseases and disorders that patients present with.




Common Procedures/Operations


· Colonoscopy

· Ileo-anal pouch for UC (keyhole and open)

· Bowel sparing surgery for Crohn's Disease

· Bowel resections (keyhole and open)

· Rectal Prolapse surgery (keyhole)



Diseases & Disorders


· Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

      Crohn’s Disease

      Ulcerative Colitis

· Diverticulitis

· Ostomy (creation of stoma)

· Polyps of the Colon and Rectum

· Screening and surveillance for colorectal cancer

· Bowel and Colon Cancer

· Haemorrhoids (piles)





· Pilonidal Disease

· Rectal Prolapse

· Rectocele

· Pruritis Ani (itchy bottom)

· Proctitis (inflammation of the rectum)

· Anal Fissure

· Anal Abscess / Anal Fistula

· Anal Warts

· Anal Cancer 

· Haemorrhoidectomy

· Botox for anal fissure

· Fistulotomy




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Common Complaints

· Rectal bleeding

· Anal pain

· Constipation